So Happy To Be Here

It was inevitable. 

After meeting and working with so many amazing people in the wine business since 2007, we are thrilled to start our own winery.  It's called Siboney Cellars (See-Bo-NAY).  Siboney Cellars operates under its own winery permit, and is co-located at Hawk's Shadow Winery in Dripping Springs, Texas.  In 2017, we have harvested grapes, bought barrels, and are doing all the work with incredible support from Hawk's Shadow to create our own wine.  

We've done all we can to prepare. And now it's time.   

And to that we say:  Just. You. Wait. 

Barbara Lecuona - Wine Composer     
Miguel Lecuona -  Ambassador & Cultural Attaché

First Vintage Harvest:  2017
First wine release:  Early 2018

OH -- you want to know how "Siboney Cellars" got its name?  That's a great story!  Check out Siboney Passion!