We are co-located at Hawk's Shadow Winery in Dripping Springs, TX. Taste with us!

Taste With Us

Siboney Cellars is co-located with Hawk's Shadow Winery
7500 McGregor Lane, Dripping Springs, TX  78620

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Wine Inspired by Timeless Passion
Crafted and Cellared in Texas


Just. You. Wait.

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#TxWine  Passion

Siboney Cellars

Let us stipulate: we take our inspiration from some of the great, classic wines of the world.  And, we are equally thrilled to be a small part of the ground-breaking work underway right here in the great state of Texas. Even more importantly, we are blessed and humbled by the love and support of so many in the wine industry, from Texas to France to California and beyond.  

Perhaps we have worked together. Pulled corks together. Maybe we're just happily looking forward to our first time to pour for you. Regardless, it all comes down to this: more than anything else, we just want to share a few moments of life's passions with you.  

 Please know you always have an open invitation to visit Siboney Cellars.

A Working Passion

We recognize that everything starts in the vineyard. We actively participate in Texas viticulture.  We source grapes in partnership with vineyard owners in the Texas Hill Country and the Texas High Plains AVAs. Texas is doing many things well, and the level of sincere effort and investment in vineyard management is awe-inspiring. And while we rejoice when everything goes well, it is also our role to be prepared for anything.

So we pursue a rigorous yet open-minded approach in the winery.  We rely on centuries of wine wisdom from the Old World, tempered by new experiences and hard work taking place across the Lone Star State.  We are a long way from defining "Texas Terroir", or "The Best Grape for Texas."  But we love this shared journey of discovery.  And we plan to try a few ideas of our own.  We hope you will indulge us!


Siboney Cellars
Is co-located with
Hawk's Shadow Winery
in Dripping Springs, Texas

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Hawk's Shadow Winery

Located in the rolling hills north of Dripping Springs, Hawk's Shadow is just 30 miles from downtown Austin. We met owners Doug and Tom Reed, and Chip Concklin in 2012, on the crush pad at William Chris Vineyards (the progenitor of many Texas wineries).  Since then, we have enjoyed a collaborative working relationship and are enormously gratified to see it develop into a dream come true opportunity.

Hawk's Shadow is one of the most stunning wineries in Texas.  A cantilevered tasting room with amazing views, an underground limestone barrel cellar, beautiful estate vineyards, and a gravity flow winery turning out a great portfolio of Texas wines.  All run by the most sincere, hardworking wine family we know.  And if you doubt this, one visit is all it will take.  www.HawksShadow.com

Hill Country & High Plains

We are thrilled to announce that we are fully participating in the 2017 harvest!  We are very pleased to source grapes from vineyards run by veteran grower Drew Tallent in Mason, and from two major growers in the High Plains, Lahey Vineyards and Narra Vineyards.  

Barbara's completion of the Viticulture Certificate program at Texas Tech in Fredericksburg, along with Miguel's extensive relationships along Wine Road 290, have afforded us the chance to work in many significant harvest events for Hill Country Wineries.  We have learned quite a lot from each grower, sampling grapes in each block, and supporting harvest work on site, during transit and through delivery to the winery.  We are grateful to work with this caliber of Texas vineyard owner, and hope to extend our initial programs into lasting partnerships.

2017 Vintage, coming in 2018

Fermentation is underway for several varietals, as we work directly at Hawk's Shadow Winery to create our wine.  From harvest to crush, through press, punch downs and barreling, we feel a true spirit of fulfillment as we hand-craft our own wines.  

Barbara is also completing the Oenology Certificate Program at TT-FBG while supporting the wine making at Hawk's Shadow as well as leading our own creations at Siboney.  Soon, we will announce varietals and blends, and debut the brand label at a special event in the fourth quarter of 2017.  Then, we look forward to a very special moment in 2018 when we can present the first bottle of Siboney Cellars.  We look forward to that moment and hope that you will Taste With Us.