Wine Brings People Together.

Moving to Johnson City

After meeting and working with so many amazing people in the wine business since 2007, Miguel and Barbara Lecuona started their own Texas winery. It’s called Siboney (See-Bo-NAY) Cellars. And we are delighted to relocate to historic Johnson City and Wine Road 290 in the Hill Country.

A groundbreaking partnership – August 2020

In 2017 and 2018 Barbara and Miguel started the winery with the help of colleagues and friends at Hawk’s Shadow Winery, producing about 1000 cases, and introducing Siboney to Texas wine lovers and collectors.  And while medals for wine and design were earned, they were but a hint at the true potential.

In 2019 Miguel and Barbara were thrilled to announce and welcome new partners Bill and Mary Anne Waldrip to the #Txwine Industry.  The new Partnership announced plans for a permanent home for Siboney Cellars at a beautiful limestone terraced 52 acre site, 4 miles west of Johnson City. The winery also produced about 3000 cases from the precocious 2019 harvest.

2020 and 2021 found everyone coping with pandemic challenges and navigating safe avenues to serve customer demand amid travel and service restrictions.  We focused on breaking ground, installing a vineyard, and planning for a modern winery, underground barrel cellar, and tasting rooms with commanding views.  Our Texas vineyard connections expanded, and we helped other small wineries with their production in partnership with Kerrville Hills Winery for two consecutive Harvests. 

In 2021 Siboney opened the site to new customers and launched the Siboney Wine Club, directly from the Oak Haven with views of the ongoing construction and vineyard projects. Hosting over 1,000 visitors and tastings, along with several club events, new Members readily embraced the wine, the work, the site and the service. A more gratifying start we could not have had.

And now, 2022 is here.  We have opened the new tasting room lobby and terrace for on-site tastings and tours while we complete the production and barrel spaces, and prepare the new members lounge. Soon we will announce a grand opening gala, a day we look forward to sharing with you all.

Just You Wait!

Barbara – Wine & Pace
Miguel – Service & Culture
Mary Anne – Site & Host
Bill – Finance

Do you want to know how “Siboney Cellars” got its name?
That’s a great story, a few photos here, and Check out Siboney Passion!

Enjoy the full range of experiences from our new location by becoming part of SiboneyONE wine club, limited to 100 members, you will receive options of first tours of the property and opening day celebrations. Learn more.