Wines of the Release:
2022 Zinfandel  NEW!
2021 Travis NEW!
2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

Shipping Customers: We will ship on schedule the week of May 6. 

If you plan to pick up your wine rather than ship, please change your account status or write to Kappy immediately, at

Pick-Up Customers:  

The two pick-up events are scheduled for April 14 & 21, 1-4PM.  We have plans for pairings, tastings, lunch, live music and more.  (tickets available online for the release, and other events).  We hope you can attend!  Otherwise we will hold your wine for pickup at the winery in May.

Siboney Seasonal News:  Renewal 
With the return of the Bluebonnets to the entry, and hummingbirds to the Tasting Room, we cheerily welcome Spring in the Hill Country!  The Total Eclipse is happening on April 8, further marking the wonder and splendor of the season.  And of course, the annual re-birth of the vineyard is taking place — Indeed, as I write this, the 4th growing season for our young Merlot estate is off and running. After last year’s modest, hail-impacted first harvest, our spirits are soaring as the vines emerge from dormancy.  The patient work of last year’s pruning, mending and planning begins to take form in Bud-Break, which officially occurred on March 21. We will show you some of the changes and the impacts of our program on the health and productivity of our Merlot vineyard, as we  will be in the vineyard with you, once again, and can’t wait to share a moment in the vineyard oaks with everyone.

Wines of the Season

  • Travis returns to the Tasting Room for the first time in a year.  This 2021 vintage is our signature GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) — a mouth-watering wine, perfect as a picnic bottle or grill-friendly selection.  
  • The 2022 Zinfandel caused such a commotion in January, we promised on the spot to make it available exclusively to Club Members Only, and as soon as possible!  This Zin has perfect timing, making a fragrant debut as the Texas Wildflowers peak.  And, it will depart just as quickly! The new Zin is allocated entirely to the Club.
  • The 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon included in all 3-bottle club shipments is, in a word, KNOCKOUT.  This is one of my personal favorite Siboney wines ever.  We did offer this in November’s Two Cabs event, so this is Last Call, and for those who were not in the club then, this one’s for you!  
  • Take advantage of the debut of the 2022 Albariño, a wine we will feature for pairings at the Club Events, and a superb reminder of the vibrancy that is a Texas Spring.

On behalf of the team at Siboney, thank you for your energy, and the time we share together.  We don’t forget it.

Abrazos, Miguel

Please note we have now allocated and committed the Spring Release wines to all Active Club Members in good standing at current membership levels and delivery methods.  Your card on file will reflect the invoice charge soon.  Requests for upgrading or changing membership & delivery status will be effective for the the next release.  

Thank you for supporting Siboney Cellars. We can’t wait for you to receive and enjoy this collection of three new red wines and the smash hit of Spring, Albariño!