Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your membership. We hope you enjoy the benefits of joining our wine club.
We are happy to provide you for the services you signed up for, please see the terms and conditions below.

  • While you are invited to remain a club member indefinitely, (and trust us, we have every indication of creating such a club!), we build the club wine portfolio, develop the promotional programs, and invite new members to join, for a mutual commitment of a one year minimum tenure, in four beautiful seasonal releases of Siboney wines.
  • Requests for Early Cancellation prior to the minimum term are subject to promotional benefit charges, and a one-time purchase/buy-out of remaining and available club wine bottles from current inventory selections to honor the mutual commitment.
  • In order to process all membership and provide excellent service, credit cards will be processed up to 30 days prior to the release date and for administrator changes credit cards can be processed 30 days after release date.
  • Must be over 21 years old to be member. By signing up for wine club membership you are confirming you are over 21.
  • Adult (over 21 years old) signature required at delivery. Please designate an address for shipping where someone over 21 will be present to sign during normal business hours (many people list their business address). No PO Boxes allowed.
  • We ship to most, but still a limited number of states based on shipping laws and limitations. Any purchases made when customer is not on-premise at time of purchase (i.e. wine clubs, online, etc.) will be fulfilled and shipped from WineCub via UPS.
  • We will bill your credit card automatically for the discounted cost of wine for each club order plus shipping charges (if applicable), prior to shipping. By signing up for the wine club you authorize Siboney Cellars to charge your credit card for each club order until directed otherwise by you, subject to the mutual commitment tenure.
  • Any deposits paid prior to the first shipment are non-refundable and will be applied to the first shipment unless you cancel your club membership prior to delivery and the deposit will be forfeited.
  • You are responsible for any shipping, return and re-shipping costs.
  • You must notify Siboney Cellars via email at Club@SiboneyCellars.com at least 10 days prior to each club order payment processing with any changes/cancellation.
  • You agree that if you selected “pick up” and you have not picked up by the last day of the pick-up time frame (usually 30 days), your wine may be automatically shipped and shipping fees charged to your credit card.
  • Once the order is processed the wine is considered purchased even if returned and will not be refunded.
  • Siboney Cellars may substitute a different vintage of a wine (or a different wine of equal or greater value) if the specified vintage designated for that shipment is depleted prior to pick-up or shipment.