Art at Siboney Cellars – Regina’s Flowers by Ms Zena Howe

Artist Introduction
Siboney Cellars features works from local and international artists, artisans and craftsmen.  Our first introduction highlights a wonderful installation at the winery by local artist Zena Howe. Read her interview and story for more about the work below. When you visit Siboney, be sure to view this large format work in our tasting room.

Hello!  Please introduce and tell us a little about yourself.
Zena Stetka Howe. That is not a common name you hear every day! I have been a resident of Johnson City, Texas for 17 years. Born and raised in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), I escaped to the Untied States in 1975 under Political Asylum. After a year of scrutiny from the United States Immigration for fear that my family and I were spies (can you imagine being accused of being a spy?), we were granted staying status in the United States. Finally in 1985 I became a Citizen of the United States. In the early 80’s I met my husband EJ. He was a pilot and I was flight attendant before becoming an artist.

How would you describe the type of work or art you do, broadly speaking? 
I am a visual artist and I work in many kinds of media in abstract style from paintings to sculptures to carvings to photography to printing, etc. How did I learn how to do all these things, “When you have nothing, and you want something, you have to make it yourself.” It is very important to use the right technique and materials so that each project has a lasting quality.

How big a part of your life is your passion for this work?
Wildflowers are abundant in this sleepy old town. I have been inspired over the years by this beautiful countryside and use my natural talent for art to reflect this inspiration.  I find the local landscape motivating and it leads me to see the art in what surrounds me.

OK as far as Siboney, how and when did you first become interested in Siboney Cellars?
From a gathering of my friends under the magnificent oak trees. We get together regularly for wine and great conversations!

OK now tell us about this project at Siboney!
Siboney Cellars are located in the hill country and my love for the wildflowers is obvious in my work. Making this project with wine foils seemed very appropriate for the winery.

What were some of the challenges of this project?
The foil work was very tedious and required quite a bit of time to gather the materials from family, friends and local wineries. Specifically it was a challenge to find wine bottles using green foil.

Why did you agree to do it, what are some of the motivations for your participation?
I enjoy seeing my art work at the local wineries. This project specifically will allow me to reach a broader audience.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our followers and fellow wine-lovers?
Stay thirsty my fiends and save the foils for me!!!

Do we have your permission to share this Q&A with our followers and the wine-loving public?
Yes. I am